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Bayete Adventure Camp is South Africa's leading leadership camp, team building camp, adventure camp, Veld school, Field School and training camp for school and other groups. Various program modules are presented by qualified instructors and facilitators.

Bayete  provides wonderful veld school and training opportunities and an Africa eco-experience for every visitor.  Quality training, interesting programmes and exciting activities are presented.  All age groups and levels are accommodated including children, the youth, scholars, students, church groups and adults.

Bayete is only 1½ to 2 hours travelling time from anywhere in Gauteng along the N1 North.  Bayete  is situated in a game farm in the heart of the LImpopo Bushveld and in the foothills of the beautiful Waterberg Mountains.

Bayete can accommodate 250 visitors at a time, in three separate camps or complexes.  The facilities at Bayete are of high standard for the purpose, and comprises lecture halls, dormitories, sufficient ablution facilities, mountain chalets, a well-equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, sports fields, an obstacle course, hiking trails, an abseiling wall and various other facilities. There is also an interesting Bush Camp for self-catering visitors. A tuck-shop is available on the premises.

Various types of camps, training and educational excursions are presented: Adventure camps, Veld school, Leadership, Character building, Prefects/RSC, Life skills, Team building, Sport clinics, Nature conservation, Ecology, Father-son and Mother-daughter camps and training for the corporate sector.

Wholesome, good and nutritional meals are prepared by the catering team at Bayete.  No visitor is involved in preparing meals.  The well-being of children and visitors is a high priority for Bayete and is handled responsibly. 

The contents of each course/camp is determined beforehand according to each group's requirements. Courses are presented in total by the qualified team of Bayete.  Visitors may, however, elect to follow their own programmes in full or partially, or make use of outside facilitators.

Courses are structured to include, amongst others, formal lectures, role play, debate, team building, leadership, hikes in the veld, sport, recreation and camp fire evenings. The focus is also placed on environmental matters whenever applicable. Programs normally continue until 22:00 in the evening.